Born in Odessa, Texas, Jim spent most of his years growing up in Clayton, Oklahoma.  The son of former Texas Playboys member Ramona Reed, he was exposed to the music of Bob Wills at an early age.  Growing up around legendary musicians as Bob Wills, Tommy Allsup, Eldon Shamblin, and Bobby Koefer, Jim quickly acquired an appreciation for the classic country music.  As a student at Oklahoma State, Jim switched from piano and drums to guitar and banjo playing in various groups around Stillwater including The Red Valley Barnstormers and Garth Brooks.  After graduating from OSU, Jim moved to Oklahoma City in 1984 where he began working in various bands with Virgil Bonham and Cliff Parrett.  In 1989, Jim moved to Nashville where he became an original member of The Neverly Brothers and The Neverly Hillbillies (formerly Free Wheel Drive) and was a fixture at The Station Inn for much of the 90’s. 

After moving to Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1998, Jim soon found himself working with such groups as The Red Dirt Rangers, Tom Skinner, Wild Card, The Bonham Revue, and City Moon.  In 2004, Jim traveled to Germany with City Moon and The Bonham Revue to perform at Europe’s largest Country Music Festival.  In 2003, Jim released a solo CD, "Fresh Off The Strings" which is now only available on iTunes.  After a lifelong love of Hank Williams tunes, Jim began performing as Hank in early 2009, eventually portraying Hank in “Lost Highway” for Muskogee Little Theatre.  Jim previously served two terms as President of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and was recently appointed by Governor Henry to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Board. 


Jim Paul Blair-Hank Williams  Rhythm Guitar


Virgil's father Orville played the fiddle at the barn dances, playing classic country music like the tunes of Hank Williams.  As a young boy, Virgil learned to play the tunes he listened to on WSM radio as he joined the weekend family jams.  In addition to Hank Williams, Virgil was influenced by Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Ernest Tubb, Hank Snow, Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.  At the age of nine, Virgil learned to play the bass fiddle and guitar, while learning to sing all harmony parts.  He recorded his first record as the Kiamichi Mountain Boys at age eleven and began writing his own songs at age fourteen.  Since then, Virgil has recorded over 30 albums and mastered five instruments. 

Over the years, Virgil has worked with such friends as Joe Diffie, Keith Whitley, The Whites, Vince Gill and many others.  Virgil ventured into acting playing as an extra in the 1992 movie of the year, 'The Last of the Mohicans' starring Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe.  In 2000, Virgil took his country band, City Moon, to tour Germany, with a return trip in 2004 that also included his bluegrass band, The Bonham Revue.
 Playing the Hank show is a chance to bring back the past to himself and the fans.  These tunes will never be forgotten and needs to be relived for the young audience to hear what real country music should sound like. 


Virgil Bonham

Lead Guitar


Cliff grew up in Oklahoma City, listening to the classic country and bluegrass music that his family played.  A percussionist and banjo player at an early age, Cliff was a member of the National Champion Dixieland Jazz Band, “Civilized Tribe”, playing banjo and touring the United States including an appearance on NBC’s Today Show.  In the early 80’s, Cliff frequently played dobro with The Red Valley Barnstormers where he met Jim.  Soon Cliff found himself playing bass with Jim and Virgil in the band, Hickory Wind.  During this time, Cliff played mandolin in Bob Wakerly’s band along with Mickey Flatt. By the 90’s, Cliff was playing bass and banjo in The Bonham Revue and City Moon, performing in Germany in 2000 and 2004.  For the Hank Tribute, Cliff has mastered the standup bass, which anchors the nostalgic sound that City Moon has re-created to honor Hank.

Clifford Parrett

Doghouse Bass



Cory Wyatt




Mickey Flatt grew up on traditional country and bluegrass music.  As a child he would lie on the floor and listen to his Dad's stereo, daydreaming of someday getting to play the music his Dad had on the stereo.  His favorites were Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Buck Owens. His Dad would tell him about the band member's, who they were and what they played.  Don Helm's (who played with Hank), Luther Perkins (who played with Johnny), and Don Rich (who played with Buck) were the perfect sidemen.  Those 3 men were very influential to Mickey.  Then one day he heard Earl Scruggs play the banjo, and that just totally amazed him.  So that was the first instrument that he learned to play at the age of 13. 

While he has spent the most part of his life playing banjo at bluegrass festival's from coast to coast, those early influences have stayed in the back of his mind, just waiting for the opportunity to bring that initial dream of playing the music that he dearly love's.  He just recently started playing the steel guitar (like the one that was used with Hank) in the Hank Williams Sr. Tribute Band.  This give's Mickey the chance to broaden his musical abilities, while also getting to live out those early dream's of his.  He is delighted to be part of such a great project, and hope's everyone that hears this band enjoys the music as much as he enjoys playing it. 


Mickey Flatt

Steel Guitar



Dana Hazzard




Steve Cannon



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